02/02/2020 BiPAC 711 issues

It seems something wrong with my BiPAC 711.
a. Please use the RS-232 cable, bundled with the BiPAC 711 package, connecting to your computer.
b. You can use HyperTerminal and set 9600,N,8,1 to enter the Command mode.
c. Please use "factorysetting" to reset the BiPAC 711 to default setting
d. You can use "restart" to reboot the BiPAC 711
e. After the BiPAC 711 reboot, please run Winipcfg to renew an IP and enter the web configuration page.

If it is still not working, when you enter Command mode, you can find the firmware version, please tell us the information and the serial number of your BiPAC 711 to trace the problem for you.

Please follow below steps to get more information to us,
a. Connect RS-232 cable
b. Open Hyperterminal, (9600,8,N,1)
c. Power on the router
d. Enter the password
e. Enter the commands,
- "version"
- "bun list channels"
- "bun show port ethernet"
- "config print"

Please send back the messages from RS-232.

Can BiPAC 711 supports SSH?
Yes, BiPAC 711 VPN IPSec can communicate with SSH Sentinel (Both v3.x & v4.0).
We ever got problem reported about 711 IPSec, and the problem has been resolved (due to inconsistence of configuration).

Can I change the MTU?
Currently we support CLI commands to change MTU through Telnet or Console.
a. Use 'ip device' to list all of IP devices and related settings.
b. If there is an IP device named as 'ipwan', you can use 'ip enable ipwan mtu 1460' to change the MTU to 1460bytes.
c. User can use 'help' to ask for on-line help, e.g. 'ip help enable' to display the help of 'ip enable'.

Is there anything for BiPAC 711 to avoid hacker attack?
We build two control points in BiPAC 711:
a. In Web, 'Firewall/Block WAN Request': which control reply any 'ping' from WAN side or not
b. In console, 'remotetelnet yes|no' console command.

If 'Block WAN Request' is enabled (this is default value), 711 will not reply any PING request from WAN (i.e. from Internet). Such that, it is more hard to find 711 in Internet.

If 'remotetelnet no', user cannot telnet (port 23) into 711 from Internet. Normally, remotetelnet is no in factory setting. BUT, some agents request to yes by default.

If 'Block WAN Request' is enabled and 'remotetelnet no', no hacker can telnet. But, if it is opened by user accidentally or some agents, it will be hacking.

Is there any information for BiPAC 711 SPI rule?
Default SPI rule must reject connection issued by remote host UNLESS packter filter ALLOWS the connection.
User must build packet filter rules to allow specific remote host.
But, to make users convenient, SPI allows the connection to virtual servers and the services on the router UNLESS packet filter DROP the connection.
So, current SPI doesn't stop remote user connecting to Telnet on 711 if local user hasn't add DROP rule in packet filter