02/02/2020 BiPAC 711 CE/C2, BiPAC 741C2 and BiPAC 7100/S issues

Can the ADSL router do remote telnet?
BiPAC 711 CE/C2 and BiPAC 741 C2 do not provide management/configuration through Telnet.
BiPAC 7100/S provide management/configuration through Telnet.

What should I note when I use static IP to use the ADSL router?
If you want to use static IP address in PC, please make sure:
a. The static IP address should be located at the same subnet as the ADSL router for example, is 711 CE IP address is the subnet mask in 711 CE. Then you can set one of to in the PC, but not located at the IP pool of DHCP server
b. Set the PC's gateway IP address to 711 CE
c. Set the PC's DNS to real DNS IP address in the Internet.

You can connect 2 PCs to BiPAC 711 CE by the USB and Ethernet port to share the internet speed for 2 computers.
If you want to use USB network interface, please disable another network card in system device.
Because PC will go wrong routing path, if your PC has existed another LAN card.

Can Billion ADSL router auto re-connect?
To auto re-connect, you have to enable several options.
a. In the Configuration/WAN page , set disconnect timeout
b. In Admin Privilege/Misc Configuration, turn on PPP reconnect on WAN access.

Does Billion ADSL router provide VPN functions?
BiPAC 7100/S support VPN IPsec.

Can Billion ADSL router supports ‘Dying Gasp’ or ‘G.lite’?
BiPAC 711 CE does NOT support Dying Gasp and G.lite.
BiPAC 711 C2/741 C2and BiPAC 7100/S support Dying Gasp and G.lite.

How to upgrade the latest firmware?
a.Please connect the and download the latest firmware
b.Set the static IP address the same subnet as the ADSL router for example, is 711 C2 IP address is the subnet mask in 711 C2 is the gateway in 711C2
c.Please excute the new firmware file that you download.

Why the SYS indicator light on BiPAC 711C2 isn’t bright and can’t use ?
You can try to restart the power first and upgrade to new firmware.
If the SYS light still not shining please take it to have RMA service with your local retail.

May I use the MSN Messenger Voice & Video services in Billion ADSL router?
Yes, Billion ADSL router will auto-forward the port which the MSN program need.

Why do I use the browser to connect the ADSL router and it will be prompted for an user name and password. Is it the security flaw in the ADSL router?
No, It is the "Auto Complete " function in the Microsoft Internet Explorer.
If you want to solve that security problem you can open you IE first and choose " Tools " >> " Content " >> "AutoComplete">> " Please Disable All option "
And Clear All Forms & Passwords. Then your IE can't record any user ID and Passwords

Why BiPAC 711 GE cannot do remote control?
The PORT 80 is filtered. Therefore, you are not able to configure it in LAN through WEB GUI. There are two ways to reset to default.

  1. Press three times of reset button in one second
  2. Hope the TELNET is still alive. You may access it with TELNET and enter "reboot default"