Fleet Management

M2M Fleet Management Solution

Fleet Management Tracking Solution Maximizes Dispatching Efficiency

Fleet management companies are increasingly embracing the IoT vehicle tracking service to ensure the highest service productivity with enhanced safety and vehicle asset management. Billion Fleet Management solution empowers operators and service providers not only to maximize fleet efficiencies and performance, but also to consolidate billing and invoicing functionality to deliver real-time communication with customers. Billion M500 provides a bi-directional connection between drivers and dispatchers to collects all intra-vehicle data, including engine speed, tire pressure, improper braking, throttle recordings, as well as provide a detailed record of vehicle driving operations and reduce unnecessary costs. Billion M500 can measure driver’s behaviors and proactively monitors vehicle fleet maintenance to improve driver and traffic safety.

Digital Advertisement and WiFi HotSpot Service On the Go:

Leveraging its inbuilt two 4G/LTE SIM slots and optional Wi-Fi HotSpot login service, Billion M500 serves as an excellent marketing tool for advertisers who wish to display HD digital images and advertisement before offering free or paid Wi-Fi to the passengers. When pairing with a data storage, we can support the operation of IP-cameras to enable real-time video recording and transfer the images back to the management center without delays. Regardless the speed of the traveling public transportation, we can deliver unstoppable and ultra-fast Wi-Fi services to high-speed rail trains, city metros, or buses and provide high-quality digital advertisement and Wi-Fi Hotspot service to the audiences that the traditional networking CPE devices are incapable of doing so. 
• Measure drivers' behaviors and monitor vehicle fleet maintenance
• Increase efficiency through workflow load balancing & failover and failback
• Equipped with On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) to maximize the scalability of vehicle asset management
• Real-time vehicle status and live email alerts
• Efficient communication between driver and dispatchers

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