Bus Operator


Billion to Provide Free Passenger Wi-Fi Access to
Public Transportation

Executive Summary
An information & communication system integrator was approached by a bus operator with the need of providing free Wi-Fi Hot Spot for bus passengers. By implementing Billion Industrial/In-Vehicle Router– M500, bus operator not only improved the user experience but optimized tour bus planning by analyzing passengers’ internet usage

To improve tourists’ travel experience, the bus operator was looking for a total solution that offers stable Wi-Fi access for passengers of 400 tour buses. The bus operator also required the Wi-Fi to be automatically turned off while the bus was traveling to certain areas, such as bus stations, to limit the Wi-Fi for on-board passengers only.

How Billion Solution Helped 
The Billion M500 industrial & in-vehicle multi-carrier router features dual-SIM, multi-radios for seamless failover between carriers that can support a high number of connected users for internet access, streaming videos, uploading/downloading files, and other applications. Supporting 11N wireless access with a captive portal, M500 provides multiple authentication methods ensuring secure access to network assets for sanctioned devices and users accounts.

Meanwhile, M500 was successfully integrated with OBU(Onboard Unit) provided by the system integrator, enabling automatic Wi-Fi deactivation while the buses traveling to certain areas; M500 also supported captive portal configuration with RADIUS & UAM servers that can capture users’ information for future bus planning and sales & marketing campaign. In addition to M500, the system integrator utilized Billion CMS as a centralized management platform that enables real-time device monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintenance to ensure the quality of network service. The system also delivers comprehensive analysis and record reports to further enhance router management.

Billion Smart Bus In Vehicle Solution
Through the utilization of Billion M500, tour bus passengers can check their email, browse social media, and access other online content by connecting to onboard Wi-Fi, and bus operator can further improve bus service by collecting users’ data via a captive portal. With Billion CMS, managers can easily monitor and manage M500 through a centralized platform.

CMS (Central Management System)
CMS is designed to remotely control and manage
Billion 4G LTE and VDSL/ADSL business routers. It
can perform the remote firmware update, device
reboot, the load default setting, CPE configuration
backup and restore based on schedule and generate
alarm to inform any abnormal event, enabling
users to minimize deployment, lower supporting
service expenses and maximize operationally

Billion M500

Smart Bus In Vehicle Solution
• Dual LTE interfaces enable reliable Internet access for in-vehicle broadband applications
• WiFi hotspot with captive portal offers wireless access in vehicle for passengers
• Ignition sensing controls M500 power on and off and avoids draining the car battery
• Multi-WAN interfaces: Dual SIM/Dual Radio and EWAN for network resilience and reliable connectivity
• Embedded GPS option for real-time asset tracking and location data-based applications 
• Local and Remote Management via Web GUI, SNMP or TR-069
• Hardened enclosure for Industrial-graded components
• Withstand heat, humidity and protect from shock, vibration, etc.