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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is becoming a breakthrough and killer application that revolutionize phone-call making – more economical and expandable than traditional PSTN phone calls. Billion offers a full range of VoIP ADSL routers, which features broadband access, advanced VoIP functionalities, and security in one box to target to reduce the call cost for home, SOHO and Office users. Particularly, when video over Internet Protocol (IPTV) becomes a hotter issue that makes up the dream of “Digital home”.

Billion’s VoIP solution is just the solution! Imagine what a Billion VoIP ADSL Router can bring you in your daily life – surfing Internet, making phone call, watching TV, and saving money. Billion gives you ALL!

SOHO and Office Users

  • BiPAC 7800VDOX
    BiPAC 7800VDOX

    Dual-band Wireless-N VoIP ADSL2+ VPN Firewall Router

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  • BiPAC 7800VDPX
    BiPAC 7800VDPX

    Dual-band Wireless-N VoIP ADSL2+ Firewall Router

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