Product Development

We believe the power of cutting-edge technologies that can grow a successful business and build a better-connected world. Our in-house R&D laboratories and factories, equipped with over 900 specialists in the fields of Smart Energy, Smart Lighting, Smart Grid, power, and energy management, ensuring a continuity of seamless, sustainable manufacturing productions. Two R&D laboratories are based in Taipei and Hsin-chu in Taiwan, and two Billion's wholly owned factories are located in Dongguan and Nanjing in China. Our specialists work together to meet the requirements of Billion's OEM/ODM partners from across the globe.

For the Smart Grid infrastructure, we provide the critical communication backbone to measure power consumption, transmit consumption data, and provide the data transmission bandwidth to support the utility companies in providing a variety of value-added applications. We are the experts in the R&D of Smart Grid by delivering our technical know-hows and technical supports to our worldwide ODM customers. Billion is known for its world-class R&D and high customization capabilities. From drawing product roadmaps, designing features and specifications, to developing customization following the expectations of our clients, Billion's in-house R&D specialists work closely with our customers to transform creativity into unrivaled technology innovation.

With over 4 decades of manufacturing expertise and the well-facilitated factories and laboratories, we are more than capable of manufacturing a diverse range of products and solutions. Billion maximizes the quality and the performance of OEM/ODM contracted manufacturing of the individual components of BESmart Energy Management, Smart Street Light and Lighting Control (LCMS), and Smart Grid AMI/BPL solutions.

Taipei R&D Team

Hsinchu R&D Team

Nanjing R&D Team

  • Emphasis on the excellence of R&D (Research and Development) and the perfection of QC (Quality Control)
  • High-volume manufacturing capacity for contract manufacturing, and OEM and ODM business
  • Transnational strategic alliances and global partnerships.
  • Highly motivated and empowered employees.
  • Customized and cost-effective solutions with an appealing price-to-performance ratio.

Manufacturing Sites

Taiwan and China

Four Critical Checkpoints for Quality Control

  • Incoming Quality Control (I.Q.C.)
  • In-Process Quality Control (I.P.Q.C.)
  • Final Quality Control (F.Q.C.)
  • Outgoing Quality Control (O.Q.C.)

International Certifications

  • Quality Management System
    - ISO/TS 16949:2009
    - ISO 9001:2008
    - TL 9000 (China)
  • Environmental Management System
    - ISO 14001:2015
  • Occupational Heath and Safety Management System )
    - OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components
    - IECQ QC080000: 2012

Total Production Capacity

400,000 units.

Quality Policy

The quality objective of Billion Electric is to achieve Eco quality and strong competitiveness to ensure customer satisfaction.

Environmental Policy

Billion Electric is committed to environmental sustainability.


  • Prevention of pollution by limiting waste, promoting recycling, and initiating energy saving activities.
  • Satisfaction of customer and relevant legal, environmental regulations and others that relate to environmental aspects of activities, products, and services.
  • Continual improvement in reduction of the environmental impact of our products and activities by reviewing and setting sound environmental objectives and targets.