Our Team

Mission Statement

With our experienced team, Billion will provide innovative product and unsurpassed customer services. Billion will manage our business on the principle of integrity and respect, and we will continuously pursue environmental quality and first-class competitiveness and mitigate the harmful effects on the environment and implement recycling.

Tim Chen

CEO & General Manager

Tim is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Billion Electric. Before joining Billion in 1992, he served as Software Engineer at IBM. Tim received his Master Degree in Computer Science from the University of Mississippi.

William Lee

VP & Product Line Manager

William has served as vice president and product Line Manager at Billion Electric since 2005. Before joining Billion, he was the VP of Argus Technologies Ltd and Vice Researcher of Chunghwa Telecom Labatories.

Greg Chen

VP, Communication Division

Greg is the Vice President of Communication Division at Billion Electric. Before his current role, he served as Director of Product Marketing at Acer Nexus Inc. and Software Engineer at Industrial Technology Research Institute.

Ted Ho

Chief Technology Officer

Ted has served as Chief Technology Officer at Billion since 2009. He has over 32 years experiences in the field of networking and communication. Before joining Billion, Ted served as the senior position of technology at several leading networking and communication companies. He received EMBA degree from Tulane University.

Jason Liao

Product Marketing Manager

Jason is the Product Marketing Manager of Billion Electric. Before his current role, Jason led product management team for product planning, FAE team for technical support and PQA team for product design and quality assurance at Argus Technologies.

Martin Chang

Product Line Manager of Smart Lighting

Martin has been serving as Product Line Manager of Smart Lighting at Billion Electric since 2010. Before his current role, Martin served as Chief Enginner at DSG Technology. He received his Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Soochow University.

Emily Chang

Associate Vice President

Emily is the Vice President of Billion Electric. She received her Master Degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Mississippi. Before joining Billion, she served as Marketing Research Manager at IMS.